My Yoga Story

I was brought up in the Canadian wilderness west of a small town called Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. My favorite childhood memories are of the great outdoors, where nature was alive and I heard the whispers of spirit on the wind.

At age nine, I found my aunt’s collection of yoga books and videos while snooping in her house. I was intrigued by the mystical images of serene yogis assuming strange poses. When I tried the poses for myself, I fell in love with the practice and returned to it often because I liked the way it made me feel. Soon I was inviting my friends to try it with me and correcting their form for them. It was the beginning of a lifelong passion for teaching yoga.

In 2011, I was certified to teach yoga by master yogi, Eoin Finn. His training is grounded in alignment based knowledge with an emphasis on playfulness and a sense of connection to the web of life through nature appreciation, conscious eating, community and love. Eoin calls this the study of “Blissology,” since bringing these elements together in practice results in happiness and bliss.

For me, yoga has been the greatest gift and I especially love to share it with others. I describe yoga as a fast track to enlightenment, as it systematically removes the blockages to self realization and higher awareness. As we let go of tension and quiet the chatter of the mind, we settle into a state of deeper awareness and intuitive flow.  It is this easy way of being that I wish to impart to my clients, readers, and subscribers.

I’m currently living in Whitehorse, Yukon with my soulmate and our scruffy little dog, Bella.