The Next Phase of My Classes & Life…

Last night’s full moon was full of interesting surprises for me. Leading up to the full moon, I attended a psychic development class led by Angel Rogers, a psychic medium, co-owner, and head teacher at the spiritual academy of The Home of Om here in Calgary, Alberta.

I’ve been teaching regular yoga classes at this school 3x/week for over a year now, and about halfway in, I started attending Angel’s psychic development classes as well, sporadically at first and then every week or so.

Last week’s class was another breakthrough in a series of growth spurts for me as I was visited by Grandmother Moon at a most auspicious time. Hopefully her message to me will also be an inspiration to you, especially those of you passing through dark times right now.

We practiced a divination formula Angel laid out for us called, “I see, I hear, What does spirit want me to know?” She assigned an exercise that involved gazing at a video of ambient music set to shifting psychedelic colors and shapes (from YouTube). We were asked to press pause when we felt it was time, and turn the screenshot into a message for another student.

Messages poured out of me, something that until now has been mostly an internal process that I overthink before it ever has a chance to be given a voice. What most amazed me was the message that came through for myself.

Our final exercise was to choose a number between 1 and 16, then receive a message for ourselves one at a time based on the corresponding video from a numbered playlist. This time we intuited a different way, and tuned into “I feel.” Angel warned that it’s usually best not to go the “I feel” route when reading for others because most people find it tricky to empathize without absorbing the energy and emotion of others. Feeling for ourselves however, is a very healthy and important process.

I chose the number 13, and instead of the usual acid trip of brilliant dancing colors to interpret, there was only a big, full moon slowly peaking out from the bottom of the screen and then rising up into the black night sky. We were given the option to voice our feelings out loud, and I took the opportunity to share openly.

“It’s a new dawn.” I began to speak as an ember within me lit up. “I’m excited about the next phase. I feel like I’ve just been surviving, and I’m ready to start living again. I’ve been waiting and it’s finally on the horizon. It’s time for me to shine,” I heard myself say.

“Very good,” Angel’s voice chimed from the shadows in the back of the room. “What does this tell you about yourself?”

“I’m luminous. I remind people of where they come from and why they’re here.” I replied, feeling my inner light growing brighter by the minute now.

“Where do you remind them of?” Angel wisely prodded.

“LIGHT!” I exclaimed. “I’m a reflection of God’s light.”

“And why are YOU here?” She asked.

“To share that light,” I answered, still mesmerized by the glowing image of the moon gliding across the the black TV screen. Then I noticed all the darkness around it and added, “..and to experience the darkness too, because it’s beautiful.”

Angel smiled and added reassuringly, “The moon can’t shine without the darkness.”

Tuning into my own true feelings stirred something in me that has been dormant for months after slogging through an economic recession that threw my family’s business into a tailspin, cost me my job, and changed all my plans. Somehow, seeing that quiet moon calmly soaring through the night reminded me that life is unequivocally beautiful.

I saw and felt in my bones that the dark night holds the space for our luminous moon as she dances through the sky on her epic journey through the cycle of creation. A deep peace settled over me, coupled with a renewed zest for life. It was the feeling of walking in full faith that God is good, and an sense of wholeness from the acceptance of darkness as a part of the overall harmony that sustains life.

I’ve been posting most of the information about my “Easy Yoga for Lightworkers” classes on, and anyone sifting through those classes will soon notice a pattern that follows the cycles of the moon. It’s been an integral part of our practice together.

Having long revered and danced with the moon, it’s been an honor and blessing to enjoy such a powerful visitation from her at this time, especially as I transition into a new phase in my life. Last week, I announced that my classes at The Home of Om are coming to an end. My parents have just bought a house in another province, and the whole family are moving along with them! It’s a positive move, but also a sad good-bye.

My students have become very dear to me, and offering these classes by donation has given me a chance to help people in my own unique way. Warren and Angel were kind enough to collaborate on this to make it possible, and working with them has restored my faith in the goodness of strangers. They are now good friends to me, as I have worked alongside them and witnessed their enduring generosity and integrity.

It has been my sacred space – my baby! I’ve believed in this ongoing project from day 1, and it has been a source of great fulfillment for me. It’s hard to walk away from a beautiful thing like this after nurturing it with so much love.

Last night, the moon turned full, bringing in the usual wave of chaos, penetrating insight, and intensity. There were some overlapping classes scheduled at The Home of Om, and we were just barely able to squeeze everyone into my yoga class after moving to a smaller room. I led a yoga class that was supposed to deliver a full moon meditation at the end, but instead I took everyone through an elaborate chakra yoga themed class – not at all what they came for. I totally blanked on the full moon thing until this morning when I woke up and face-palmed myself.

In the end, everyone pulled together and my students seemed very happy with the meditation that came through in place of the one they had signed up for. Everyone embraced me and I felt nothing but love and appreciation coming my way. One of my returning students gifted me with a beautiful work of art, and others expressed their regret at my leaving soon.

Nature comes full cycle, and nothing is perfect, yet everything is ultimately in perfect harmony. The moon is a reminder that through it all, there is life – beautiful, precious, tender, pulsating life; warts n’ all. Yoga reminds us to accept what comes our way in life with grace, and to recenter our awareness in the deepest part of ourselves that remains eternally well.

The next phase of Sheena Yoga is a continuation of my mission to put people back in touch with this place, even as I struggle sometimes to do so for myself. I’m going to share more of my own journey with you in the form of blog posts and YouTube videos.

The first videos I’m working on are inspired by my teaching experience this past year with “Easy Yoga for Lightworkers.” The focus will be on making yoga accessible for beginners and people with limited range of motion, as well as introducing people to meditation and spirituality.

There are still SIX classes left at the school before I set off into the great unknown.

I am forever grateful to the brave, trusting souls who showed up and built these classes into a supportive community of friends and yogis. I hope you’ll join me for the next chapter of my story, which is unfolding right now! It’s exciting for me and I feel blessed by the Universe as I take this next step.

May all the love of the Sun, Moon, and Stars touch your heart and remind you where you come from.

Peace and Blessings, my friends 🙂

– Sheena

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