YOGA PLAYLIST #1: Sacred Sounds

  Without You – CMA

  Perception – nExow

  We Are The Same In The Dark – Nyanara

  Until I Find You (Soular Order Remix) – Izzard

   Grounded – Mixomnia

Will She – Nyanara

   Shattered – Koda

   You – Killigrew

   Here Comes The Sun – Phaeleh ft. Soundmouse

   Pangaea – Gobbly

Time Passes – Cresce

  Ashes & Dust – Escape By Night

  Falling Through The Sky (ft. Margo Elena) – Jacoo & AidanS

The preceding songs were originally put together in this order by DJMixomnia on YouTube. The mix is called “Sacred Sounds” and you can stream the whole playlist HERE

   4 – Heart ChaKra ACTIVATION. Element: AIR 

   SPACE AMBIENCE: Chilled Music – Andulairah

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